one of Our customer in New Zealand

Hello, everyone! Today I will introduce you this 18ft mobile food kitchen we have manufactured for one of our customers from New Zealand. Just read ahead and see what we have done for our customer.


This is one of our customer from New Zealand. One day, he saw our food trailers when searching on Google. He left a message on our webpage and soon our sales manager contacted him. Finally, after communicating with our sales manager, he chose this custom mobile food kitchen.

Coperation Process

In fact, this customer initially chose a smaller style, but after taking into account the shipping costs and local market conditions, he told us that he needed a larger mobile food kitchen to help him start his business better.

Our customer want to sell Indian foods with this mobile kitchen. Therefore, we designed the stickers for the exterior of the food kitchen according to the customer’s requirements.

Some accessories inside the mobile kitchen trailer were also custom-made according to the customer’s request. The mobile kitchen trailer had already been fully equipped. After receiving it and some other preparation, our customer can put it into use. We believe that this food kitchen trailer will bring great benefits to our customer in the future.

We can manufacture a similar food trailer like this one, or customize one for you. Just contact us to tell us your detailed requirements!

We can customize the shape, size, and color of the food kitchen trailer for you, and we can also add various kitchen equipment, fast food machines according to the customer’s needs. Welcome to contact us to customize your own food trailer~

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18ft mobile catering trailer on sale

Custom requirements

Video Dispaly of this 18ft mobile food kitchen trailer

In this video, you will see the exterior and interior of this 5.5m mobile food trailer.

Inside the catering trailer, we have already equipped it with basic equipment such as lights, sinks, work table, water tanks, and shelves.

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