Our customer in America

This is one of our customers from America. According to the customer's requirement, we customized a 18ft black food trailer in square shape. Also, we have paste the stickers the customer likes. See the details below!


This is an 18ft food trailer we have manufactured for one of our customers from Wisconsin, USA.

Size: 5.7*2.1*2.3m

Inner Equipment: two stainless workbenches,3+1 US water sinks water heater,basic fire suppression system, ventilation, lighting equipment

Function: Used on the street to sell fried chicken, burgers and other fast food to provide convenient supplies for office workers

Why The American Customer Bought This Food Trailer From Us

The customer found that mobile food trailers occupy a large market. Their city holds a food festival every week, and many people seek to rent or buy food trailers to create a better life. The customer saw business opportunities, and after half a year of communication and design changes, he finally reached cooperation with us. We built a trailer for the customer that met their standard requirements.

Tips: We can manufacture a similar food trailer like this one, or customize one for you. The body color, stickers, signage, kitchen equipment of the food trailer can be customized.

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5.7m food trailer for American customer

Custom requirements

Unloading the food trailer

The following are pictures of discharging the food trailer.
unloading of food trailer
discharging food trailer
unloading food trailer

Unloading Video Of The 5.7m Food Trailer

Driving Test Video Of The 5.7m Food Trailer

If you want to see more of our food trailer videos, welcome to visit our Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@honlufoodtrailer384.

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