This customer from Australia customized two different models of galvanized food trailers, Including 8 meters and 5.7 meters. Both food trailers come in the same color scheme, the same material and side window design. The client planned to anchor the eight-meter food trailer in one place, and another small food trailer for some scattered sales nearby.

Customized galvanized food trailers
Customized galvanized food trailers

The introduction of the 8M galvanized food trailer

Due to the eight-meter-long body, we customized two oversized service windows for our customers and equipped the top with a high-power exhaust fan.

Inner structure-8M galvanized food trailer

The workbench and inner wall inside the trailer body are all made of food-grade stainless steel. And according to customer needs, it is equipped with freezers, food insulation display cabinets, customized four sinks, gas stoves, range hoods, and other equipment. We would like to purchase other types of equipment based on customers’ needs. 

The introduction of the 5.7M galvanized food trailer

Inner structure-3.5M galvanized food trailer

This 3.5m food trailer also equipped the top with a high-power exhaust fan, and a small window is also added at the front of the trailer.

Cover-Two galvanized food trailer

The color of the whole vehicle is black, and our customers want to add some lanterns, billboards, and other ornaments around, so we also add hooks to some parts for customers to facilitate their use. We also use the rainproof design on windows and doors, all these small designs are for customers to have a better experience.