For many novice food truck owners or some food truck owners who have not participated in festival activities, when they participate in festival activities for the first time, they will be confused as to how to prepare the festival menu? First of all, the preparation of the festival menu must be a little different than usual, and then I will give you some suggestions for the festive menu served in the food truck.

First of all, we need to refer to the most popular food in this event last year, and combine our own actual situation, what is suitable for cooking in your food truck, to decide the festive menu. Second, it is not easy to choose too much food, and too many dishes will make customers tangled. , which greatly slows down the speed of customers choosing products. Third, try not to choose food that takes too long to cook. When the queue is long and slow, few customers will choose you again. Finally, we can also choose according to our usual sales. Situation picks the most popular food

Choose one or two foods as your main product, advertise it well, and make a festive menu with your heart in your food truck. You can also consider food collocation, come up with a set meal combination, and use cheap snacks to attract children to buy. When there are children buying snacks, you can consider recommending some foods to adults.

You can add some of your own contact information, permanent location, etc. to the festival menu so that customers can become your repeat customers