For novice friends who have no relevant experience, they do not know how to prepare the ingredients before using the food truck in the Philippines for the first time. Don’t they know if a commercial kitchen is needed and if they have to cook food in a commercial kitchen? Next, I will give you some suggestions and hope they can help you.

First, you need to understand your local policy regarding the food truck in the Philippines. Some states only require you to have a commissary for water treatment etc. Some states have you well-prepared for your truck, and others have something in between.

Secondly, For most new food truck owners in the Philippines, a shared commercial kitchen is the most viable option. A communal kitchen is rented out to multiple caterers or chefs at the same time. It is a collective kitchen for professional catering staff. You will save a lot of money because you share the lease with other businesses.

Finally, this also considers the functionality of your food truck, and if your food truck is fully functional, you don’t have to consider a commercial kitchen, but food safety and sanitization need to be considered.