How to make your food trailer more eye-catching?  When it comes to a mobile food trailer business, there is no guarantee that you will always be in one place. Maybe one day you are selling your food at a big event in the city, and tomorrow you need to another town.

So for food trailer operators, a large part of your customers may just be passing by while attending events, how to retain these customers is a very important thing. Usually, we will go through several steps To attract customers, including naming food trailers, logo design, billboards, slogans, social media promotion, etc.

Customer case

Give your trailer a catchy name

The name of your Food Truck is the starting point for your overall brand, so take the time to choose wisely. Your logo, website, social media, and all other mentions will come from your name.

Generally speaking, the name of a food trailer can contain the following elements, and all you need to do is to choose some you most want to express among these elements.

Actually, all names need to be given more meanings according to the operator’s own Therefore, the following content is for reference only.

Name of the food trailers
  1. Some specific foods: For some food trailers which are specialized sell in a certain kind of food, adding the food name on the brand name can directly tell the customer which kind of food you sell.
  2. Operator’s name: Many local chefs choose to add their name as a symbol to the name of the food trailer.
  3. Geographical location: Placing the business location in the brand name can more effectively attract local customers

You need to know that the name of your trailer will become the core of your branding strategy, and you can set some styles and add logos for creative expression.

Branding your food trailer

Your branding is the first thing a potential customer will experience. It feeds into all aspects of your business, from your customers and product to business direction and marketing.  

Use social media to promote your food trailer

A strong social media presence is paramount to any Food Truck, since your location moves, your online presence should stay deeply rooted! Cover accounts consistently with the same information.

HonluFoodTrailer (2)

You can update your location in real-time on social media, push your menu to customers, interact with customers to strengthen the connection, show some beautiful pictures of your food to attract customers, and put some good customer feedback on display.