As we said in the previous article, food trailer operators generally make most of the year’s profits during summer events. In the cold winter, the passenger flow will be greatly reduced due to factors such as temperature, snow cover, distance, etc. And customers aren’t too willing to wait for their food in the frigid cold air. While many food trailers choose to close, there are some ways to keep your food trailer profitable during the winter. Based on conversations with some of our customers, we’ve rounded up some tips to keep your food trailer running and profitable in the colder months.

Food trailer in harsh winter
Food trailer in harsh winter

1. Make sure your food trailer is functioning properly

Cold conditions and snowfall can also take a toll on your food trailer, including your water pipes, tires, trailer interior, and more. Therefore, it is necessary to take some prompts to prevent this.

The first thing to do is to make sure your water pipes don’t freeze, our sinks all have heaters, so that’s not a big deal. Secondly, you must ensure the quality of your tires. Due to the heavy weight of the food trailer, it is very easy to slip when driving in the snow. Equipping with snow chains or changing to snow tires can ensure that your trailer can travel safely to its destination.

The environment inside the truck is also important, customers don’t want to wait for food in the cold wind, and of course, the operator doesn’t want to prepare food in the cold environment, installing an air conditioner or heater in the car will keep you warm and comfortable even in the winter work environment.

2. Stay active on social media and local events

Stay active on local events
Stay active in local events

Regardless of social media or offline activities, you need to maintain an active state. If a customer doesn’t see your updates on social media, he’ll think maybe you’re not open today. Although offline events in winter are not as frequent as in other seasons, they will also attract a certain amount of people. Actively participate in winter events, parties, holiday gatherings, and keep an eye out for some nearby events, which will allow you to attract more customers.

3. Cooperate with some local institutions

For some office workers, finding food in the winter is also very troublesome. You can choose to cooperate with some companies to provide lunch or afternoon tea at a lower price. Or partner up with bars that don’t serve food and take some marketing to sell your food.

Cooperate with some local institutions
Cooperate with some local institutions

4. Menu update

Choose different foods according to different seasons. In winter, hot coffee, hot chocolate, and hot food are of course more worth the wait.

5. Choice of business location

During the cold winter months, you’d be better off finding a spot for your food trailer with more steady foot traffic and keeping nearby roads clear of snow, which will make it more convenient for your customers.

Food trailer in harsh winter2

Of course, as we have done, you can also talk to your existing customers and get some tips that will help you keep operating through the winter. Please contact us and we will add your suggestions below and sign them. Feel free to comment below and leave your thoughts.