How to brand your food trailer?

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For food trailer operators, a large part of your customers may just be passing by while attending events, how to retain these customers is a very important thing. Usually, we will go through several steps To attract customers, including naming food trailers, logo design, billboards, slogans, social media promotion, etc.

Which one is the most suitable food business for you?

When you purchase a food trailer, you may have already decided which kinds of mobile food business to start, and equipped with the corresponding kitchen equipment inside the trailer. But after a period of business, you may find that the food you are selling may not be the best type of business for you.

Customer feedback from the UK

This is one of our clients from the UK, Mrs.Rosie, a retired Asian chef. Mrs.Rosie once stayed in a Chinese restaurant for a period of time. She found that the local residents like noodle food very much, so she decides to start a mobile food business for this food.

Food trailer feedback video from Canada customer

Canada customer feedback (2)

Recently, we have exported the 4M food trailer to Canada. Our customer Mrs.Precious is very satisfied with the trailer, and she gave us the full video from receiving the package to unpacking. She received the package in good condition~

What do you need to prepare when purchasing the food trailer?

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The prospects for the food trailer business are great, but all the bountiful rewards require hard work. So what do you need to prepare before starting a mobile food business? While it’s not as massive as running a restaurant, there’s actually quite a bit of work you need to do.

Modified single-deck coffee trailer for Canadian customer

Customized 5.7M single-deck coffee trailer (1)

One of our clients from Canada, Bridgham, saw our double-decker coffee trailer on Youtube, he was attracted by the unique design of the coffee trailer. After communicating with the designers in our factory, we decided to change the double-deck coffee cart to a single deck to meet the needs of Bridgham.

How to keep your food trailer through the harsh winter?

Food trailer in harsh winter

While many food trailers choose to close, there are some ways to keep your food trailer profitable during the winter. Based on conversations with some of our customers, we’ve rounded up some tips to keep your food trailer running and profitable in the colder months.

Five advantages of the food trailers

Food trailer industry data shows that innovation, convenience, and affordability are the main factors behind the continued growth of this business. The advantages of the food trailer industry itself provide these people with a very good entrepreneurial opportunity.